PHARM Podcast 32 : Dr Brian Burns and a pitlane DSI case

Brian and I do a quick case presentation on DSI and retrieval medicine human factorsHi there.

Remember Brian, awesome Irish emergency physician, prehospital and retrieval consultant specialist and mate of Cliff Reid, Karel Habig and the greater GSA HEMS team in Sydney?

He is back!

We talk about a recent DSI case he performed last week where a team approach to airway management in the high risk patient led to successful safe airway intervention.

Also I review a short correspondence in the July edition of Anaesthesia and Intensive care by the GSA HEMS team on their new difficult airway intubation technique using an Ambu Ascope disposable endoscope and iGel supraglottic airway and trauma shears!

enjoy our chat!


Now on to the Podcast

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3 thoughts on “PHARM Podcast 32 : Dr Brian Burns and a pitlane DSI case

  1. Seth Trueger tried to comment but my cyber terrorist spam filter blocked him, so he asked me to post this comment!

    “great case & discussion!

    I like the idea of using the ambu a-scope through an LMA then converting it to a bougie

    one small bone to pick: it sounds like your case was a use of NIV for preoxygenation, not DSI. DSI is the use of a sedative or dissociative to allow the patient to tolerate preoxygenate (then paralyze and intubate). NIV for preoxygenation for RSI is just a different way to preoxygenate (as opposed to, say, NRB).

    Minh & Scott Weingart discussed this on PHARM 23 and I have a brief overview here:

    Seth Trueger, MD
    Health Policy Fellow
    Emergency Medicine”

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