PHARM podcast Episode 234 Welcome to Planet Covid part 1 with Dr David Berger

👇 — Dr David Berger #CovidIsAirborne STOP KILLING HCWs (@YouAreLobbyLud) January 31, 2021

PHARM podcast Episode 233 A study of Online physician harassment by Tricia Pendergrast

I found the length it was!! — Tricia Pendergrast (@traependergrast) January 3, 2021

PHARM podcast Episode 227 Life on the PHARM in time of COVID19

All the feels in Australia right now…2020 has been tough and it’s only April Passing the baton of hope #Covid_19australia #bushfires Artwork credit: — Dr Alyce Wilson (@AlyceNWilson) April 9, 2020

PHARM Podcast 222 Burnout with The Brow of Justice

Oh! I got this script as a tattoo. Sorry my scars kind of show in the image, I didn’t realize they would. Anyway…I love this idea. @silv24 gave it to me. “You should know you’re not alone.” — Mitochondrial Eve (@browofjustice) July 16, 2019