Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine Podcast Inaugural Open Mic competition

Slide from Dr Karel Habig's talk " To Air is HUman" at SMACC 2013
Slide from Dr Karel Habig’s talk ” To Air is HUman” at SMACC 2013 ( Dr Oli Flower (moderator) is shown)

Hi folks

Time for a competition! Kudos to Rob Orman of ERCast blog and podcast for giving me inspiration for this idea!

I am going to give you a prehospital and retrieval scenario and invite you to record your answer as a short audio response. Send in your recording and we will judge the overall winner and your recording will be featured as a podcast on the series.

Competition rules:

1. Audio recording is maximum duration of 6  minutes. Include your basic details like  name,current job and location

2.Email your answer recording to:

3.Entries close end of March 2013

4. Winner will be announced in April 2013 and their recording will be part of a future podcast

5.Competition prize is a voucher for ONE Person – full registration and 2 nights accomodation at Sofitel Melbourne, venue for the 2013 Aeromedical Society of Australasia & Flight Nurses Australasia Scientific meeting.

Now here is the scenario!

You are a retrieval doctor/flight paramedic/RT/nurse on duty and get tasked to transport a 3 yo with fever and respiratory distress from a remote nursing post. On your arrival, you find the child sitting up with neck extended, drooling and stridorous. He is febrile and appears septic with tachycardia, tachypnoea and mild hypoxia, SaO2 93% on air. He becomes agitated when a face mask or nasal cannulae are applied. He has no IV access.

You have equipment consistent with an average ED , like a portable ventilator,standard intubation devices but certainly no anaesthetic gas machine or flexible fibreoptic endoscope. Its you, your flight nurse or paramedic and a remote nurse. The flight time back to your tertiary hospital is 90 minutes.

Questions to answer : What do you think is going on and what do you plan to do about it ?

Stay safe and look forward to hearing your answers from around the globe!

Minh Le Cong

3 thoughts on “Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine Podcast Inaugural Open Mic competition

  1. NOrmally I would just channel Weingart – WWWD? BUt he steers clear of Peds (the guy is really smart!).
    Hmmmm… tempting. Might have to have a crack this…
    C 2broomedocs

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