Prehospital RSI drill to Bon Jovi!

Here is our crew testing their teamwork & ability to communicate non-verbally in tough environments. One of the ways they do this is by listening to loud music, in this case Bon Jovi. Watch them practice giving a prehospital anaesthetic without being able to hear each other! — GWAAC (@GWAAC) April 18, 2018

Reboot kids RSI

Respect for the classics doesn’t mean being stuck with them. Here’s a refresher on why you might not want to do RSI like they used to by Dr Andrew Weatherall. This one is a cross post picked up from the paeds anaesthesia site he chips in on, Everything in medicine needs the occasional reboot.… Continue Reading

RSI “State of the Art” in 2017

O'Sullivan: Original description of RSI in 1970#ESAGeneva — Nicholas Chrimes (@NicholasChrimes) June 3, 2017 O'Sullivan: Strategies for reducing aspiration risk in 2017#ESAGeneva — Nicholas Chrimes (@NicholasChrimes) June 3, 2017 O'Sullivan: "State of the art" RSI. Sacred cows of thiopentone, no opioid, cricoid & no bagging modified for 2017 practice#ESAGeneva — Nicholas Chrimes… Continue Reading

Muscle relaxants in RSI

Muscle Relaxants in RSI – Rocuronium in 4 minutes! VIDEO #Propofology #Subscribe — David Lyness (@Gas_Craic) April 7, 2017