Intubation during a medevac flight: safety and effect on total prehospital time in the helicopter emergency medical service system | Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine | Full Text

The Helicopter Emergency Medical Service (HEMS) commonly intubates patients who require advanced airway support prior to takeoff. In-flight intubation (IFI) is avoided because it is considered difficult due to limited space, difficulty communicating, and vibration in flight. However, IFI may shorten the total prehospital time. We tested whether IFI can be performed safely by the… Continue Reading

Prehospital RSI drill to Bon Jovi!

Here is our crew testing their teamwork & ability to communicate non-verbally in tough environments. One of the ways they do this is by listening to loud music, in this case Bon Jovi. Watch them practice giving a prehospital anaesthetic without being able to hear each other! — GWAAC (@GWAAC) April 18, 2018

Reboot kids RSI

Respect for the classics doesn’t mean being stuck with them. Here’s a refresher on why you might not want to do RSI like they used to by Dr Andrew Weatherall. This one is a cross post picked up from the paeds anaesthesia site he chips in on, Everything in medicine needs the occasional reboot.… Continue Reading

RSI “State of the Art” in 2017

O'Sullivan: Original description of RSI in 1970#ESAGeneva — Nicholas Chrimes (@NicholasChrimes) June 3, 2017 O'Sullivan: Strategies for reducing aspiration risk in 2017#ESAGeneva — Nicholas Chrimes (@NicholasChrimes) June 3, 2017 O'Sullivan: "State of the art" RSI. Sacred cows of thiopentone, no opioid, cricoid & no bagging modified for 2017 practice#ESAGeneva — Nicholas Chrimes… Continue Reading

Muscle relaxants in RSI

Muscle Relaxants in RSI – Rocuronium in 4 minutes! VIDEO #Propofology #Subscribe — David Lyness (@Gas_Craic) April 7, 2017