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Endotracheal Intubation in Emergency Ward – Stepwise Approach

Out of theatre Propofol in UK

Ketamine and rocuronium should become the first-line choices for RSI in critically ill patients.

Reboot kids RSI

Respect for the classics doesn’t mean being stuck with them. Here’s a refresher on why you might not want to do RSI like they used to by Dr Andrew Weatherall. This one is a cross post picked up from the paeds anaesthesia site he chips in on, Everything in medicine needs the occasional reboot. I mean […]

via Old School/New School – Updating Classic RSI — The Collective

PHARM Podcast 171 Prehospital RSI -who’s got the biggest laryngoscope?

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RSI “State of the Art” in 2017

Rapid Sequence Intubation by Intensive Care Flight paramedics of Ambulance Victoria

Muscle relaxants in RSI

Open Access : Practice of Intubation of the Critically Ill at Mayo Clinic

Rapid Sequence Intubation With Video Laryngoscopy Common for Difficult Airways in Emergency Department

UK EM RSI in 2016 -its complicated



PHARM Podcast 139 New draft guideline AAGBI Guidelines: Safer pre-hospital anaesthesia 2016


Have the right tools for the right job

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Ketamine for Prehospital RSI – The SKEPTIC trial by Dr Faizan Arshad

Prehospital RSI : best practices


How to RSI like a Boss


My son starting the road to mastery early

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