PHARM PODCAST 112 : So that others may learn, so that others may live – Martin Bromiley & Nicholas Chrimes

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On today’s show, we chat to our good friends Martin Bromiley and Nicholas Chrimes. They have collaborated to make two new  medical education videos to help highlight issues around management of the unexpected difficult airway. They are works of fiction based on the real world event of the death of Martin’s first wife, Elaine Bromiley during an elective operation. Martin established the Clinical Human Factors Group in 2007 to help promote the issue of human error and patient safety in clinical medicine. In 2014, he was awarded the Difficult airway Society Medal in recognition of his work in advancing the study and teaching of non technical skills in anaesthesia and airway management.

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Show notes:

  1. Clinical human factors group
  2. How to cause more hurt
  3. The Elaine Bromiley case – Simpact


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3 thoughts on “PHARM PODCAST 112 : So that others may learn, so that others may live – Martin Bromiley & Nicholas Chrimes

  1. Thanks Minh for this excellent podcast. The depiction of the human factors in these videos is extremely well done, extremely important, and often forgot about. I know as I have made procedural videos I have tended to really focus on the mechanics and the process, but may have forgotten that these procedures don’t occur in isolation. Both these videos and another cric video made by Yen Chow (where he talks through what he would be saying to his team in the moment) are superb in there depiction of the environment in which these procedures occur. As pointed out in the podcast, especially for the Elaine Bromiley case, if you don’t show everything that went into the medical management, it is all to easy to say “what were those doctors thinking.” To say that is to essentially disregard in your mind that this could ever happen to you. And when you say that, you lose out on any learning opportunity from the case.

    Well done all around gents!

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