Prehospital volunteering in Vanuatu

Cassie Smith-Moir Medical Student, Paramedic and sessional teacher
Cassie Smith-Moir
Medical Student, Paramedic and sessional teacher

Hi there. Here on the PHARM , we support folks who want to make a difference in their own time and with no financial interests!

I got this email from Cassie, a medical student and paramedic.

Hello Dr. Minh Le Cong,
I’m not sure if you saw, but from November 30th I’m volunteering as a Paramedic in Vanuatu for six weeks before heading back to med school..
Vanuatu is a group of islands in the South Pacific, not too far from Australia.
While the area is beautiful and quite popular for tourists, the islands, until recently, have had no ambulance service.
A group of Australian paramedics recently set up a not for profit company called ProMedical to provide ambulance services to the islands.
ProMedical used volunteer Australian Paramedics to help teach the locals pre-hospital emergency care.
While there is still lots of work to be done, the company have done a wonderful job of training locals and getting the word out about calling an ambulance if you have an emergency, not just throwing someone in the back of a truck.
While in Vanuatu I’m also doing my best to utilise the funds I’ve already raised to help purchase much needed equipment and supplies for the station, so every little bit, really does help, if nothing else, perhaps you could just help get the word out?
Thank you so much, and I’ll be sure to send pictures either way!
You can donate here

Additionally, if you may have access to any medic or trainingl supplies that could be donated, either new, or expired, it would be greatly appreciated. Everything donated is put to good use by either the ambulance or the local hospital.
Also, if you have any training equipment that is outdated or being upgraded, we are in dire need of training equipment.


Cassie Smith-Moir

Please this Christmas season, consider helping Cassie out with a donation of money or equipment.

One thought on “Prehospital volunteering in Vanuatu

  1. Well done Cassie! Your background of ProMedical is sort of true … I set it up on my own in 2000 and it transitioned to the present governance structure in 2004, with a second ICP engaged that year. Providing Australian-standard care in a developing nation is both a challenge and a great opportunity. No ‘big bucks’ in this overseas gig, but the non-financial rewards are huge. You and many other supporters continue to keep the wheels turning. Thanks.

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