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Video Laryngoscopy by John Vassiliadis & Geoff Healy

Well what are you waiting for? Come say hi at SMACC Chicago!


Come and say Hi at SMACC Chicago!

Face Mask Ventilation with Nicholas Chrimes

Supraglottic Airways By Le Cong at #SMACCGold

Come say hi at SMACC Chicago!

Airway and Intubation SMACC workshop by Lewis & Slesinger

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Prehospital care : the future – Habig (SMACCGOLD)

Courtesy of Intensive Care Network

Courtesy of Intensive Care Network

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Cut to air by Weingart (SMACCGOLD)

This saved a life recently. Online learning works!


2 out of 3 airway experts believe checklists optional

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8 years ago I met Dr Levitan and read his seminal book on emergency airway management. It was like a light was turned on in a dark room. Since then, with his teachings I have NEVER failed an intubation/airway to date. A living legend of Emergency medicine and airway management

Surgical Airway by Weingart at SMACCGOLD

MORE SMACC GOLD with Dr Steve McGloughlin – The Dying Traveller

Dr Steve McGloughlin is a great speaker. He used to work with me at RFDS Cairns when he was still a registrar so it was great catching up with him since his transition to being a consultant at the esteemed Alfred hospital in Melbourne!

Equipment Videos Online (EVO) Competition – SMACC Chicago

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Getting it right the first time by Dr Luke Regan

Luke Regan Getting it Right the First Time from Social Media and Critical Care on Vimeo.

This is the essence of SMACC : Inspiration




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