Rapid sequence Intubation – the prehospital way with Dr Karel Habig


Hi folks

One of the best all time lectures on RSI, period! Its aimed at prehospital folks but is applicable to anywhere, ED, ICU, OT!

You have heard the rest , now listen to the best!

Thanks Karel and the GSAHEMS team! These folks are some of the best prehospital operators in the world!


  1. Karel, great work, phenomenal talk. Minh, thanks for sharing. It appears Dr. Habig and I have independently come to essentially the same conclusion regarding the optimal metric of airway management success: DASH-1A (definitive airway sans hypoxia on the first attempt). Or, should it be DASHH-1A (second H for hypotension as well)?

    I found the preference for scene intubation outside the ambulance as opposed to inside very interesting, as it differs from our prefence in Greater Cincinnati, but I think it’s a simple function of most American ambulances allowing access to both sides of the patient. Given that, I’d rather intubate in the slightly less chaotic environment inside the rig than outside, when possible.

    I’m totally stealing your checklist. Thank you!

    • thanks Bill!
      As for tubing in ambulance or not, it depends as you say on the ambulance and the situation.
      I mean at night in pouring rain, I would go with tubing in the ambulance!
      but in good daylight and weather, all else being equal, then making good access to the patient makes sense.

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