Forget Critical Care and Look after a Colleague in 2018!

Here’s a New Years resolution for you! A colleague struggling? Dont walk away! A Colleague clearly not coping? Dont look the other way this time! #MH4Docs   It hurts. It hurts to hear doctor suicides occurring at such an alarming regularity. My deepest sympathies. — Dr Eric Levi FRACS (@DrEricLevi) December 31, 2017 YouContinue reading “Forget Critical Care and Look after a Colleague in 2018!”

The echos of World Sepsis Day, by Alberto Del Castillo

Our target in the World Sepsis Day is not the humanization of care of these patients and Posttraumatic syndrome suffered by many of them.Our goal has to be the prevention.  To do this, there are such basic measures of prevention as the following: Vaccinating children protects grandparents Today there are effective vaccines for children, which protect us from the main pathogens.…Continue reading “The echos of World Sepsis Day, by Alberto Del Castillo”

Downstairs Care Out There Podcast – Check it out!

I met this NSW paramedic at SMACCGOLD and he has a great blog and podcast just launched. Check it out! His interests are prehospital care, training and education and kit ( as in prehospital gear that he reviews for personal use) DOWNSTAIRS CARE OUT THERE BLOG DOWNSTAIRS CARE OUT THERE PODCAST (COMING SOON TO ITUNES!)

AmboFOAM Podcast: Post Cardiac Arrest Care.

Originally posted on AmboFOAM:
Many moons ago it was common practice that as soon as we had a pulse back from an arrested patient we would throw them in the ambulance and drive fast to hospital with little, if any, further management… This has changed and now there are a number of goals we try…