Prevention of trauma is good!

There have been thousands of injuries & dozens of deaths in Australian children attributable to quad bike use. Warwick Teague, Paediatric Surgeon and Director of Trauma at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital is passionate about changing this. This is a sobering podcast on a topic that all who work in the Emergency and Trauma scene anywhere,… viaContinue reading “Prevention of trauma is good!”

The echos of World Sepsis Day, by Alberto Del Castillo

Our target in the World Sepsis Day is not the humanization of care of these patients and Posttraumatic syndrome suffered by many of them.Our goal has to be the prevention.  To do this, there are such basic measures of prevention as the following: Vaccinating children protects grandparents Today there are effective vaccines for children, which protect us from the main pathogens.…Continue reading “The echos of World Sepsis Day, by Alberto Del Castillo”