Prevention of trauma is good!

There have been thousands of injuries & dozens of deaths in Australian children attributable to quad bike use. Warwick Teague, Paediatric Surgeon and Director of Trauma at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital is passionate about changing this. This is a sobering podcast on a topic that all who work in the Emergency and Trauma scene anywhere,… viaContinue reading “Prevention of trauma is good!”

Tourniquets are back

Largely due evidence from increased military use in conflicts in the last two decades, tourniquet use has re-emerged as an effective way to control haemorrhage from limb injury, usually due to partial or complete amputation or severe crush injury (so called “mangled limbs”) or severe penetrating trauma with major tissue or vascular disruption. Based onContinue reading “Tourniquets are back”

ETM Course 2017 dates announced! — ETM Course

The ETM Course is now sold out for 2016, but fear not! We have just listed all course dates and locations for 2017. You can see all of the course dates, locations and information on our course dates page. View course dates and register here! Next year we are expanding around Australia and New Zealand.… viaContinue reading “ETM Course 2017 dates announced! — ETM Course”

Traction splinting for fractured shaft of femur – why do we do it? — ETM Course

As the longest bone in the body, when it breaks a fractured shaft of femur is a very painful and potentially life threatening injury. One of the main initial treatments for this injury is application of some sort of traction splint, designed to apply distracting force between the lower leg and the relatively “fixed” base… viaContinue reading “Traction splinting for fractured shaft of femur – why do we do it? — ETM Course”