Paramedics Australasia International Conference 2015

Our #FOAMed workshops will feature FOAM gurus @ketaminh & @KangarooBeach – WITH special guest appearance from @emcrit — PAIC2015 (@PAIC2015) September 17, 2015 // .@AmboFOAM has recorded a video ahead of our #FOAMed workshops To modify bookings email #PAIC2015 — PAIC2015 (@PAIC2015) September 17, 2015 // .@AmboFOAM "I found #FOAMed the greatest most powerful educationalContinue reading “Paramedics Australasia International Conference 2015”

Zombie Attack! Combating Combative Cardiac Arrest

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An interesting conversation erupted last night on Twitter (which resulted in me being awake way past my bedtime, i.e. 8pm) regarding the management of a specific issue in resuscitation from cardiac arrest: the combative dead person. In recent times, following the emphasis that has been placed on good quality CPR both…

Another Podcast with AmboFOAM and KangarooBeach

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I was fortunate last night to be able to catch up with Tim Leeuwenberg of  when he flew in to Melbourne for the ETMCourse.  Along with a very convivial dinner at Bistro Vue on Little Collins street, we managed to bash out a quick podcast as well.  We discussed a little of…

AmboFOAM Podcast: Post Cardiac Arrest Care.

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Many moons ago it was common practice that as soon as we had a pulse back from an arrested patient we would throw them in the ambulance and drive fast to hospital with little, if any, further management… This has changed and now there are a number of goals we try…

AmboFOAM Podcast: Cardiac Arrest

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Welcome again to the AmboFOAM podcast. This is part one of two episodes on cardiac arrest. These podcasts are again designed for the new paramedic or paramedic student. This time we are discussing cardiac arrest, primarily why we do what we do at an arrest. Part two will deal with the…

Welcome to the first ever AmboFOAM podcast

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Well, I’ve finally got motivated and got on to doing a podcast.  This is for the new paramedic, volunteer or paramedic student just beginning their career. My thanks to my mate Tim from KI-docs for providing the inspiration and for showing me that podcasting doesn’t have to be that scary.  Of…