Tim and Jim in Dublin

Full credit for this goes to Dr James DuCanto, airway geek and innovator from Milwaukee, USA. It’s been my great privilege (and crazy pleasure) to facilitate with Jim at smacc airway workshops in Chicago and Dublin, using the SALAD sim (suction assisted laryngoscopic airway decontamination). This is a great setup to teach techniques to manage… viaContinue reading “Tim and Jim in Dublin”

Tim rants about Paramedic RSI – Its worth a read

A nice little paper caught my eye in this months Emergency Medicine Australasia. Entitled “Review of therapeutic agents employed by an Australian aeromedical prehospital and retrieval service” this is a really simple paper; basically an audit of the medications carried and used over a 12 month period by the Sydney HEMS service. Everyone likes playing with…Continue reading “Tim rants about Paramedic RSI – Its worth a read”

It’s Not About the Helicopter — KI Doc

Just got back from #smaccDUB – I chose not to speak this year and that was a GOOD decision – it allowed me time to actually wander around and soak up some of the high quality talks, as well as to socialise with like-minded colleagues from around the world. FOAMed is the passion which inspires… viaContinue reading “It’s Not About the Helicopter — KI Doc”

It’s the little things that matter…

There’s a lovely initiative kicking off in the Broome Hospital this year, thanks to my colleague Dr Casey Parker of BroomeDocs.  Have a read of Casey’s latest blog post yourself – the premise is simple – to ensure that junior trainees follow through their patients from admission to ward, not just in terms of theirContinue reading “It’s the little things that matter…”

Free open access medical education can help rural clinicians deliver ‘quality care, out there’

FOAMed for rural – "quality care, out there" w @broomedocs finally out! http://t.co/dps4wSxPxu Ping @ketaminh @ruralgreengp @australiandr — Tim Leeuwenburg (@KangarooBeach) August 17, 2015

PODCAST #23 – Emergency Trauma Mx with Andy Buck @EDexam

Originally posted on Rural Doctors Net:
I have just got back from Melbourne, where I attended the new EMERGENCY TRAUMA MANAGEMENT course. I was deadset keen to attend this, as I intuitively feel that organisers Dr Amit Maini  (EDTCC.com) & Dr Andy Buck (EDexam.com.au) are seeking to bring the same level of FOAMed goodness to…

Another Podcast with AmboFOAM and KangarooBeach

Originally posted on AmboFOAM:
I was fortunate last night to be able to catch up with Tim Leeuwenberg of ruraldoctors.net  when he flew in to Melbourne for the ETMCourse.  Along with a very convivial dinner at Bistro Vue on Little Collins street, we managed to bash out a quick podcast as well.  We discussed a little of…


Originally posted on Rural Doctors Net:
I am putting this one up more to invite contributions from the community. It’s a case that has been included for our PRCC students – the guys who spend the entire third year of their four year graduate entry medical degree attached to a rural community (the so-called parallel…