PODCAST #23 – Emergency Trauma Mx with Andy Buck @EDexam

Rural Doctors Net

I have just got back from Melbourne, where I attended the new EMERGENCY TRAUMA MANAGEMENT course. I was deadset keen to attend this, as I intuitively feel that organisers Dr Amit Maini  (EDTCC.com) & Dr Andy Buck (EDexam.com.au) are seeking to bring the same level of FOAMed goodness to Emergency medicine as I am via the RURAL MEDICINE MASTERCLASS. Over and above that, the new ETM Course takes attendees to places that aren;t covered on the usual ‘merit badge’ courses. I am a Course Director for EMST-ATLS and have become increasingly frustrated that the College of Surgeons content does not meet the needs of modern trauma teams.

A full report will be forthcoming shortly via Dr Jeram Hyde (@CriticalHabits), but for me highlights included :

  • a credible and experienced Faculty who facilitated short lectures and hands on skill sessions
  • use of high rep, low fidelity…

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