Oh the Pain

It seems like a simple thing that’s a given – delivery of good analgesia. Except for the bit where good clinicians fail over and over at this. Here’s Dr Alan Garner checking out a recent study from the Swiss that looks at some of the holes. As prehospital clinicians I think we all aim to… Continue Reading

Pain Control

#pacpd about pain control about to get underway in Adelaide, tune in anywhere in the world https://t.co/vmGdvKjFrL — Alex Mckenzie (@paramedic_al) February 16, 2016   Dr Catherine Parch speaking at the Pain Control #pacpd in Adelaide tonight. @AusParamedics pic.twitter.com/fwHdphlWec — Para Aust (SA) (@ParaAustSA) February 16, 2016