Playground behaviour — Don’t Forget the Bubbles

This week Lieutenant General David Morrison AO has been invited to my healthcare network to talk about bullying and harassment. Before considering it in the medical profession it is worth looking over what bullying means to children. Bullies have been around since before school even began. There have been many examples from page to screenContinue reading “Playground behaviour — Don’t Forget the Bubbles”


Extreme poverty, lack of work, and unrequited love, are probably the paths to the loss of dignity. But if those are the paths, a disease is the motorway that leads more quickly to that same destination. Illnes put us in the absolute defenselessness. Bows us, makes us dependents. We lose our strength and many times… viaContinue reading “Nurses”

Baring all: Being vulnerable

Tweet As a young man, I have always tried to be the one in charge. I have always wanted to be the smartest, strongest & right – I always wanted to be right.  For the longest time, I have been that guy, not exposing my weaknesses, not exposing my uncertainties. I’m supposed to always know…Continue reading “Baring all: Being vulnerable”