Another Hospital is possible, by Mónica Ferrero

Step by step, a reference hospital is growing and showing what is done is the result of reflection, communication and involvement by designers, hospital staff, patients and families. We speak of the Hospital Materno-Infantil Sant Joan de Déu in Barcelona.Diagnostic unit was transformed into a spaceship. This “restyling” was a success last year and the…Continue reading “Another Hospital is possible, by Mónica Ferrero”

The echos of World Sepsis Day, by Alberto Del Castillo

Our target in the World Sepsis Day is not the humanization of care of these patients and Posttraumatic syndrome suffered by many of them.Our goal has to be the prevention.  To do this, there are such basic measures of prevention as the following: Vaccinating children protects grandparents Today there are effective vaccines for children, which protect us from the main pathogens.…Continue reading “The echos of World Sepsis Day, by Alberto Del Castillo”

ICU: a branch of hell?

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Today we make an exception in our holiday break to share great news with you. Intensive Care Medicine has just published on line another article signed by IC-HU Project members: Dra. Ángela Alonso of the ICU of Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada and myself.ICU: a branch of hell? (click here to access…Continue reading “ICU: a branch of hell?”

Music therapy, a refuge in the ICU

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Many times we have spoken on this blog about the inclusion of music in the ICU, source of benefits for patients without side effects.In the pain management, for the anxiety in ventilated patients, help in decreasing the need for sedatives or even in the developmental care.I invite you to watch this short…Continue reading “Music therapy, a refuge in the ICU”