Cracking #smaccBYTE

Here's my #smaccBYTE of one of my favourite #smacc talks by @DocJohnHinds Don't be a #ResusWanker #smaccUS — Kirsten Kingma (@SurferKirst) January 14, 2016 //

First SMACC Chicago podcasts released today! Dont miss out! take the time to listen to this amazing inspiring talk by the one and only @LizCrowe2 — CanadianLfRn (@UpshawCrystal) October 6, 2015 // Remember @DocJohnHinds as he was, teaching , passionate. Listen “more cases from races” #smaccUS #delta7 #HEMS4NI — Minh Le Cong (@ketaminh) October 6, 2015 //