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When Less is More

When Less is More

When Less is More
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Checklists are boring : a confession from Atul Gawande!

RSI checklist @LimaCharlie1

Back to basics: checklists in aviation and healthcare

Healthcare safety activists have looked to checklists to solve a myriad of problems, particularly with the current iteration of checklists that have been imported from aviation.

Checklist for Transport of ICU patients

The fallability of checklists

Checklists List — airwayNautics

A collection of different checklist options and ideas emcrit checklist 2.0 2016 — Yen Chow (@TBayEDguy) December 17, 2016 Airway Chunked Checklist: Resuscitate then Intubate; ABC SLOPES MAP — Yen Chow (@TBayEDguy) May 23, 2016 Intubation checklist version 2016-04-14 — Yen Chow (@TBayEDguy) April 14, 2016 Try this for […]

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The effects Of cognitive aids On formation and functioning Of teams in medical emergencies


RCT of cognitive aids in EM airway


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Checklists – Part 1

By Damjan Gaco, MD, ARHT HEMS Fellow History The origin story of checklists goes as follows: A pilot in the 1930’s stepped off a newly built bomber and said something along the lines of “that is too much plane for one person to handle”. In an ever more complicated world, those words echo true today […]

FOAMEd review of intubation checklist research

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Impact of checklists on peri-intubation care in ED trauma patients

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