Indirect laryngoscopy in the emergency department

@drlauraduggan @ketaminh would appreciate your comments on my video: Indirect laryngoscopy in the ED from the reverse classroom course #FOAmed #intubation #anesthesia #anaesthesia #CRNA — Will Rosenblatt, MD (@AirwayOnDemand) May 18, 2018

Glottic impersonation – beware out there!

@drandrewmackay Here is the issue with watching ETT thru cords. Not necessarily reliable, particular warning in babies. — Dr. Laura Duggan (@drlauraduggan) February 3, 2017 Would this anatomy be enough to intubate with confidence? — Dr. Laura Duggan (@drlauraduggan) February 3, 2017 Glottic impersonation in the wild. When you see both, & don't… Continue Reading

Straight Talk about Blades and Kids

Some of the more popular posts on this site have been the ones where we vox pop paediatric anaesthetists for their top tips on a topic. The brief is easy: what are the things you most commonly say to people trying to learn this particular skill. Today’s edition – laryngoscopy. So here is a collection of thoughts… Continue Reading