#FOAMEd Online Airway training Program – POSITIONING AND BLADE USE with Trueger and Faust

Hi folks!

Dr Jeremy Faust, ED resident at NYC, is doing an anaesthesia rotation right now and had some comments and questions on airway technique that he sent to me in this video !

So we recorded this Hangout session for our online airway training program with Dr Seth Trueger, Jeremy and myself.

Its on positioning which Seth highlights is crucial as it makes everything to do with airway  BETTER : BVM , LMA techniques not only endotracheal intubation, with DL or VL.


AirwayCam training videos

  1. What a powerful medium – asynchronous learning and the chance to ask those questions that may seem ‘silly’ to the specialist but are the cornerstone of successful epiglottoscopy. Only watched Jeremy’s video questions (dialling in from the Aussie bush) but I am loving this resource.

    Well done to all.

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