Outback school looking for some help please!

Can you help remote Aboriginal community East Arnhem Land? needs clothes & toys for little ones. Hoping to make significant changes give kids more educational opportunities. Please send to: NUMBULWAR SCHOOL C/O Lauren Zahoran PMB 68, Via Winnellie Northern Territory, 0822. — Cherisse Buzzacott (@sistercherisse) August 15, 2018

Trauma in Outback

Fascinating read of a major trauma in outback…If you get hurt, dont ignore it. If living remotely, have a medical plan incase you get hurt… https://t.co/zzV93Z2FEr — 💦🎵Crickets….🎵💦 (@LoveNotGreed) February 25, 2018

Super Blood Moon over the Outback!

Late to the party because nights and actual work, but herewith some photos of our chariot under the triple threat moon 🌓 #SuperBlueBloodMoon #supermoon #rfds @RoyalFlyingDoc pic.twitter.com/4Z75JULqDl — Michelle Hannan (@wilgamed) February 2, 2018

Visiting the dentist in the Outback

Yesterday I was up and at it early so I could get Clancy and Harry to town for a dental check up. Now, I use the term “town” loosely because it was Camooweal where there is just basically a pub, roadhouse via Dentist Visit – The Outback Way — Miss Chardy

Outback sleepover

Well it is the school holidays which means time for another sleepover. Harry has been hatching a plan with his little friend next door for about 2 weeks. They had it all sorted. Now you know that when I say neighbour it isn’t as simple as walking out the front door and 20 metres across… via… Continue Reading

Outback cooking – dessert

We have eaten our way through the whole outback cattle station menu and I feel full just thinking about dessert. I must admit I am not a huge lover of cooking dessert. I do like to eat it though and perhaps that is where the problem lies. So what is your go do dessert recipe? Mine…… Continue Reading

Cooking with Chards Pt3

I think a savoury smoko would nearly be one of my favourite meals to make. When the crew are in full swing, working their backsides off, they love nothing more than coming in for a delicious, cooked, morning smoko. Now, i’m not sure about you, but here at Chardy Central we don’t have an official… via… Continue Reading