Outback school looking for some help please!

Can you help remote Aboriginal community East Arnhem Land? needs clothes & toys for little ones. Hoping to make significant changes give kids more educational opportunities. Please send to: NUMBULWAR SCHOOL C/O Lauren Zahoran PMB 68, Via Winnellie Northern Territory, 0822. — Cherisse Buzzacott (@sistercherisse) August 15, 2018

Trauma in Outback

Fascinating read of a major trauma in outback…If you get hurt, dont ignore it. If living remotely, have a medical plan incase you get hurt… https://t.co/zzV93Z2FEr — 💦🎵Crickets….🎵💦 (@LoveNotGreed) February 25, 2018

Super Blood Moon over the Outback!

Late to the party because nights and actual work, but herewith some photos of our chariot under the triple threat moon 🌓 #SuperBlueBloodMoon #supermoon #rfds @RoyalFlyingDoc pic.twitter.com/4Z75JULqDl — Michelle Hannan (@wilgamed) February 2, 2018

Visiting the dentist in the Outback

Yesterday I was up and at it early so I could get Clancy and Harry to town for a dental check up. Now, I use the term “town” loosely because it was Camooweal where there is just basically a pub, roadhouse via Dentist Visit – The Outback Way — Miss Chardy

Outback sleepover

Well it is the school holidays which means time for another sleepover. Harry has been hatching a plan with his little friend next door for about 2 weeks. They had it all sorted. Now you know that when I say neighbour it isn’t as simple as walking out the front door and 20 metres across… via… Continue Reading

Outback cooking – dessert

We have eaten our way through the whole outback cattle station menu and I feel full just thinking about dessert. I must admit I am not a huge lover of cooking dessert. I do like to eat it though and perhaps that is where the problem lies. So what is your go do dessert recipe? Mine…… Continue Reading