Outback survival story

The incredible survival story of an outback adventurer who fell into hot springs on the Birdsville track. He says he owes his life to a mate who plucked him out – and the @RoyalFlyingDoc Service. Download the @7plus app: https://t.co/eGmDZDvpGm @JessAdamson7 #7News pic.twitter.com/oJFwATbFzH — 7 News Adelaide (@7NewsAdelaide) May 27, 2018

Outback tales from my neck of the woods

Sick kids. It is the pits isn’t it, so scary. I mean, I get worried (and totally freak out) when a jackaroo comes to me with a cut on his eyebrow that needs stitches (may or may not have happened last week) so can you imagine how much it worries me when one of my… viaContinue reading “Outback tales from my neck of the woods”

Outback cooking – dessert

We have eaten our way through the whole outback cattle station menu and I feel full just thinking about dessert. I must admit I am not a huge lover of cooking dessert. I do like to eat it though and perhaps that is where the problem lies. So what is your go do dessert recipe? Mine…Continue reading “Outback cooking – dessert”

Miss chardys guide to station cooking part-6-dinner-20-beef-dishes

Now onto the main event. Dinner. The crew have been hard at it all day long and now they are ready for a good hearty meal. Remember, they are growing boys and girls and need feeding well. Beware, the skinniest little Jackaroo may well be your biggest eater. Not sure what the hell I am… viaContinue reading “Miss chardys guide to station cooking part-6-dinner-20-beef-dishes”