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Control Cric video -true innovation in emergency surgical airway

Upconing PHARM podcast and review article about the Control Cric system, now available to the civilian market!

Deliberate oesophageal intubation technique

Credit to Master Jim DuCanto for sharing this training video. Technique credits to Dr Jose Torres and Dr Jim Jarvis

The Italian Airway Connection – come join in!


Videolaryngoscopy and the search for the Holy Grail

Wall oxygen flow testing results

The success of pre-hospital tracheal intubation by different pre-hospital providers (2017 update)

Apnoeic oxygenation in kids

Airway management is just a little bit different in kids. Sometimes it is tough. So wouldn’t you like more time to sort it out? Andrew Weatherall has a quick look at an exploration of THRIVE in kids. There are plenty of challenges in paediatric anaesthesia. Little veins. Stressed parents. Plus every time you turn around there’s a […]

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Open Access :DL skills being lost

Open Access : Practice of Intubation of the Critically Ill at Mayo Clinic

Is Intubation Success Rate Higher With Two-Medic Crews

Careflight RSI checklist and action drills 2017

Edible Cricothyrotomy Model: A Low-Cost Alternative to Pig Tracheas and Plastic Models for Teaching Cricothyrotomy

“The fallacy of video laryngoscopy”

Tales are often told of an exhausted travel who has lost their way in the desert, and are drawn astray by the the sight of a lush oasis. But as they draw close, their salvation vanishes only to reappear on the distant horizon. This optical tormentor continues to lead the hapless travelers further and further…

via CC Nerd-The Case of the Elusive Mirage — EMCrit

Bloody cric trainer

Collection of resources and ideas for surgical airway front of neck access trainer/simulation. Contact me to chat about it if you wish further details. Follow me on twitter @TBayEDguy and we will direct message to chat. @mededgene @petrosoniak @jameslhuffman @SSeadon @ketaminh @ryan_radford Can’t wait to see your bloody cric model! — Yen Chow (@TBayEDguy) […]

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Surgical airway kits

Scalpel Finger Bougie Cricothyrotomy Flash Card 2017 v 4.2 HT @emcrit input and HT @EmICUcanada for inspiration and shoutout 🙂 — Yen Chow (@TBayEDguy) January 13, 2017 The @StMikesHospital bougie cric kit, in its wall-hanging glory @PHannam123 @CatStepCatStep @petrosoniak @TBayEDguy — Christopher Hicks (@HumanFact0rz) January 29, 2016

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