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Paediatric intubation

Preoxygenation with face masks : its all about the flow

DL vs VL by paramedic students in manikin study

DSI prevents Death by Dr Jeff Jarvis

Does sux roc in 2017?

RSI checklist @LimaCharlie1

Open access airway management videos

How to manage fluids in emergency airway situations

Vortex Airway Approach trolleys roll out!

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Open Access Cricothyroidotomy review!

What size tube would you use for CICO?

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You can never have enough SALAD!

Simple airway management

This is a popular series and it’s not hard to see why. Greg Brown drops back in to talk about the airway device that is now his go to item. I clearly remember a time when the escalation of airway management in prehospital care resembled the fabled Underpants Gnomes from South Park and their three step […]

via I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now: Simple Airway Management — The Collective

Airway knowledge doesnt autoupdate

Well that was a bit of a gap. A quick post on the return about something we all know we know but could do with unknowing – simple stuff on the paediatric airway. I don’t think my computer embeds a knowledge of anything. Or my phone. Everything is up for updating. I know because all too […]

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