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The Dark Side of Doctoring

The Thin Red line

There are plenty of times in the land of retrieval (and in some prehospital settings) where you need a little bit more than the simple squeezy cuff gives you. An arterial line. Maybe we could share some tips that work for at least one person with the hope of encouraging people to share theirs. This post is from […]

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“I dont want it to be a secret”

French military helicopter rescue divers

Lifeflight Australia celebrates International Nurses day 2017

A career start on the PHARM? Northern Australia is calling!

Twitter, ethics and emergency services – a cautionary tale

Clamping ETT – maintaing recruitment

Physician depression and Suicidality

Improving patient safety with Dr Tim Cook

RFDS Flight nurses are qualified midwives

Vortex Airway Approach trolleys roll out!

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Motov’s cocktails!

Tourniquets are back

Largely due evidence from increased military use in conflicts in the last two decades, tourniquet use has re-emerged as an effective way to control haemorrhage from limb injury, usually due to partial or complete amputation or severe crush injury (so called “mangled limbs”) or severe penetrating trauma with major tissue or vascular disruption. Based on reasonable quality…

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Open Access Central Line Procedural review!