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ICU ventilation and airway management 2017

Oh Mother take this badge from me

The Mobius Loop of FOAMEd

Tip for torn cuff inflation line

International volunteering

Dr Hannah Phelan / Adventure Medic News Editor & UK Anaesthetic Trainee / Zambia Hannah Phelan, an anaesthetic trainee and member of Adventure Medic’s editorial team, is currently working on an anaesthetic project in Zambia. A passionate advocate for uniting UK medical training and global, humanitarian medicine, Hannah talks us through an incredibly important document…

via Mutual Benefits of International Volunteering: The Evidence — Adventure Medic

Update on critical care for acute spinal cord injury

D Grip promoted by Resuscitation Canada!

50 yrs since Australian Referendum by Dr Louis Peachey

Ketamine Sedation for Patients With Acute Behavioral Disturbance During Aeromedical Retrieval: A Retrospective Chart Review


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Special Delivery! Inflight birthing emergencies

Introduction to Aeromedical Transport by Wellington ICU 2017

Why role models matter

A death in the family

Its Blair time again!

Straight back with another podcast and with the same guest, Dr Blair Munford. This time Blair has a very different type of story to share. Please have a listen and consider sharing. Or if you like the site consider signing up to get emails when posts hit. Anyway, here’s the various ways to get the podcast. […]

via Podcast #4 – Another Side — The Collective