The Horn : prehospital rescue and care on Alpine glacier!

an aeromedical mountain rescue team on Alps near MatterHorn. ep1 they go 2aid of skier fallen into crevasse.Gr8 team work & prehospital decision making.didnt do RSI on glacier but stopped at base to do it ! see the pt recovery at end! — Minh Le Cong (@ketaminh) July 10, 2018

Critical Care Out There… — EMCrit Project

Around the world, clinicians of every variety (doctors, paramedics, nurses, PAs, NPs, respiratory therapists and more) are pushing the limits emergency medicine and critical care. From the jungles of the South Pacific, to the mountains of Nepal, our colleagues are projecting medical care to very austere and non-permissive environments. From the deserts of Africa to… viaContinue reading “Critical Care Out There… — EMCrit Project”

Prehospital doctor improves out of hospital traumatic arrest outcomes

Is physician involvement in prehospital #advancedlifesupport associated with increased chance of favorable outcomes after traumatic out-of-hospital #cardiacarrest? #VisualAbstract — JAMASurgery (@JAMASurgery) April 25, 2018

Oh you’re poison

Venomous snake experts from The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine are helping the Natural History Museum in London put on a exhibition about venomous creatures from around the globe. The exhibition is called Venom: Kill and Cure and will be on show at the Natural History Museum, London, until 13th May. At up to 3… viaContinue reading “Oh you’re poison”