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ICU: a branch of hell?

Hola a tod@s, my dear friends.Today we make an exception in our holiday break to share great news with you. Intensive Care Medicine has just published on line another article signed by IC-HU Project members: Dra. Ángela Alonso of the ICU of Hospital Universitario de Fuenlabrada and myself.ICU: a branch of hell? (click here to access…

SMACC interview: Fong

Alice and Sophie interview Kevin Fong, one of life big under-achievers but surprisingly a stand-out speaker at SMACC Chicago.

Source: SMACC interview: Fong

PAIC #FOAMed Workshop Introduction.

Hi everyone. Unfortunately I am unable to make it to the Paramedics Australasia conference in Adelaide this year.  I was looking forward to taking part in the FOAMed workshops, however other events require my attendance, so I won’t be there. But fear not!  You don’t have to miss out on me making noises with my […]

PHARM Podcast 123 : Emergency Airyways with Dr Andy Brainard

Dr Andrew Brainard

Dr Andrew Brainard

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Feeding in ICU: A Trickle or a Torrent?

Feeding in the Intensive Care – A trickle or a torrent, is a great summary of several key critical care nutrition trials and how we can apply the evidence from these to the ICU patient.

Source: Feeding in ICU: A Trickle or a Torrent?

PODCAST: Really Rural Surgery with Dr. Bret Batchelor

PODCAST: Really Rural Surgery with Dr. Bret Batchelor.

Physicians also suffer

Physicians also suffer.

The 4 C’s of success by Dr George Kovacs

PHARM Podcast 116 : Droperidol, Ketamine, Surviving Sedation & ECMO with Dr Michael Downes

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Airway Lessons from the Austere Environment by Dr Brent May

Check out more details on the CIA airway courses here

PHARM Podcast 115 : There is FOAM in the airway with Nicholas Chrimes

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Levitan Shaka on DuCanto d-loop bougie on ETT

NU FAME launches TIME lecture series with @MDaware


PHARM Podcast 114 : The Aikido of emergency sedation

Shihonage” by Magyar Balázs – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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