Dr James DuCanto with SALAD

our next patient: 42 year old male; alcoholic liver disease; unwell for several days; lethargic/confused; jaundiced; tense ascitic abdomen. The patient starts to vomit fresh red blood, initially a few cupfuls, then profuse and unrelenting. They’re choking and unable to protect their own airway; sats dip to 88%; RR goes up to 32. Normal suctioning and positioning are not helping. You decide to intubate but naturally, you’re nervous. How do you increase the chance of first-pass success? How do you adequately clear the ororpharynx and avoid blood contaminating your view? How do you best maintain airway suction during intubation? Join Jim DuCanto for this online, on-demand airway management course where you’ll learn simple tips to more easily manage the heavily soiled airway. To find out more, visit https://bit.ly/3xNrI7g

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