Tiny Uncertain Miracles

It had been a week of saying goodbye to Twitter, family, a past life and as I got on a plane to fly home to north Queensland, in a somewhat melancholy state, I downloaded Tiny UNcertain Miracles, the second novel from Dr Michelle Johnston, a long time Twitter friend. I had read her first novel Dustfall and I wondered how this next offering would follow . It is not a large work at 336 pages and so was easily digested in the 3.5 hr flight home.

There is a character in there that is basically Michelle. She lives in those pages and I wonder if that is what draws her to writing. The setting is I imagine drawn from her years working as an emergency physician at Royal Perth Hospital. Unlike Dustfall, Tiny Uncertain Miracles comes across as a more relaxed story, with quirky oft fatalistic humour only recognised by those in health care.The religious aspect I must admit caught me off guard but was oddly engaging in the way that philosophy only can when dealing with life and death.

I eagerly anticipate her next work

Highly recommended reading

You can purchase the novel here

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