Build your own WiFi Video Laryngoscope

Its been a dream of mine to one day build a wireless Video laryngoscope for under $100. I have proven the concept is feasible with off the shelf technology and your smartphone! This concept is still in development and I dont recommend it for actual clinical use but it would make a cheap and effective VL training device for students, using it for mannikin practice.

Here is how you do it:

You need these basic ingredients PLUS a smartphone ( Android or iOS)



The disposable direct laryngoscope pictured is a Europa Timesco costing $12 approx. You can use any Macintosh Laryngoscope you want to build a VL training laryngoscope system. The WiFi minicamera module pictured is this one from It costs approx $30 ea. Overall then total cost is approx $42, cheaper than current disposable Airtraq indirect laryngoscopes.

Here is a useful Youtube video on the Wifi Camera and how to get it setup and connected wirelessly to your smartphone.

It took me a bit of research but basically the printed instructions with the camera are the correct ones to follow. You need to download an app called P2P CamViewer. You can search for this in the Google shop or Apple App store by using “9527”

You can test the wifi connection between camera and phone by turning on the camera module, waiting about 1 minute, then searching for the camera wifi signal in your WiFi phone network settings. Connect to the camera wifi signal ( no password needed) . Then open the P2PCamViewer app and the camera should appear as a Local camera on the list. Click on it and you will now see a live stream wifi camera feed from that minicamera. See below image


You now need to attach the wifi camera module to your laryngoscope. See here


I mounted the camera on end of a cut down plunger from a 3 my syringe, using a clear plastic dressing, then cut a hole with a scalpel to reveal the camera lense through the dressing. Using sticky tape I strapped the mounted camera to the undersider of the laryngoscope blade and the battery pack to the handle. Note the optimal camera position in relation to the light bulb on the blade


The app allows still image and video recording of the camera feed. This is what it looks like on a 3D printed hyperrealistic airway model doing video laryngoscopy with the DIY WiFI video laryngoscope costing $42


DISCLAIMER : THis information is for educational purposes only and intention is to provide a concept that allows an affordable video laryngoscope training device for student practice on mannikins. Actual clinical use of this current design is not advised

Creative Commons Licence
FOIL by Minh Le Cong is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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