Preloaded bougie or ETT stylet is best


4 thoughts on “Preloaded bougie or ETT stylet is best

  1. You guys put a lot of effort into this–it is a study with a simple design that investigates a smoke but important question. The results can help everyone who perform emergency airways use sound methods, in essence, not skip over critical steps that are essential to success. Thanks for putting forth the work!!

  2. Sorry for the typo–iPhone autocorrect got me there. Your study investigates a simple but but important question.

  3. I think this is important for management of the critically ill / dynamic airway

    No secret that I am a big fan of the ‘kiwi’ grip – was always taught NEVER to preload a bougie (the extra weight of the ET makes the darn thing impossible to handle and negates the very point of having a bougie)

    ..but at the same time, the standard anaesthetic practice of passing a bougie THEN attempting to railroad an ET is also fraught with problems, especially for the ‘occasional’ assistant or in a critical airway where first pass with minimum delay is critical…the ET connector may be ‘hung up’ on the bougie, meaning the intubator takes eye off the glottis to attempt to problem-sove for the unskilled assistant

    Hence the preloaded bougie using ‘Kiwi’ grip

    – First described by Prof Frova (of the Frova-bougie fame)

    – Popularised here in Aus/NZ by the rather wonderful Paul Baker of ANZCA Difficult Airway Special Interest Group

    – Adopted by the likes of Jin DuCanto and Yen Chow into ‘modified Kiwi’ grip and other permutations thereof….

    I’d recommend it..but do practice it before using in anger…again, airway assistant needs to be familiar with how to pre-load and pass this to you….but it’s a helluva lot quicker than the standard railroad approach!!!

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