#FOIL Wifi Video Laryngoscope concept

hi folks! Continuing on in my project to test and develop a cheap but effective Wifi Video layrngoscope using your smartphone as the viewer, here are the latest images and videos of my testing and production!

This round of testing, I have moved the Wifi camera closer to tip of blade ( which was worst performance!) then moved it back closer to light source. I also found mounting it on a cut down syringe plunger from a 1ml syringe works best with clear sticky tape!

I also tested it on a different disposable laryngoscope, the Truphatek Trulite and found this to work better as its got a lower profile Macintosh blade than the Timesco Europa.









Conclusions so far:
I have proven that its clearly feasible to build an effective wireless video laryngoscope using your smartphone as the viewer screen , for under $50! Currently its ideal application is as a VL technique trainer for mannikin skills practice. Obviously more work needs to be done to get the concept into a licensed health device for actual human clinical application, but thats not rocket science complexity.

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