How an 11yr addiction ends for me

So last week I nuked my two twitter accounts , thus ending an 11yr addiction. Why? I guess in the end it was as simple as this : time for a change . Twitter I realised was becoming stale, toxic & risky . I had always joked it was like a demilitarised zone and now it was more like a failed state . I started seeing content that was previously banned : selfies of gun toting folks , hate speech & imagery . Folks I respected started leaving . Initially I thought I should remain and try to change things for better but then realised I was deluding myself when Elon Musk reactivated Donald Trump’s account and declared an amnesty for previous banned accounts like he was some kind of warlord. I realised things would only get worse and Twitter may well cease as a viable business . So I nuked my accounts and left too .

Twitter was like another world to me . Literally a 24/7 non stop party where you could connect with practically anyone . I mostly have positive memories of connections, networks born and fostered on the platform. I know others had more negative memories . Like any addiction , twitter fuelled a need and to me that was those moments of connection that we all seek in an oft indifferent world .

I would be lying if I said I did not miss Twitter . It was a daily thing for me and now theres nothing . But thats ok . Id rather it be like that than watch it slowly decay & die from the inside . I dont want anything to do with a platform that now allows hate speech in the name of freedom of speech ; that is used to coordinate attacks on minorities & foster fascism .

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