The REAL CRIC trainer : open access for next 50 days! Get in real quick!

J Emerg Med has offered our article as a FOAMed source for the next 50 days fully downloadable The REAL CRIC Trainer: Instructions for Building an Inexpensive, Reali… — Dr. Laura Duggan (@drlauraduggan) April 9, 2019

CICO Trainer for under $5 — KI Doc

The dreaded ‘cannot intubate, cannot oxygenate’ scenario is one which most clinicians will never encounter. In elective anaesthesia, the CICO rate has been described by Cook & Macdougall as 1/5000 in elective cases, proceeding to emergency surgical airway in 1/50,000 (a more recent study from Japan describes CICO as 1/32,000 – either way, a rareContinue reading “CICO Trainer for under $5 — KI Doc”