Intubating the entrapped patient – a simulation model using Vividtrac

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Dr Jim DuCanto is back again with a simulation test of an entrapped patient requiring intubation. He tests the original Vividtrac AT-100 disposable video laryngoscope.

Prehospital points to note:

-ideally with the entrapped patient you want to extricate them to perform advanced airway maneuvers

Sometimes though you cannot extricate them expeditiously as in this harrowing podcast account by Dr Karel Habig, interviewed by Dr Cliff Reid – ResusME !Podcast June 2012

– small optical or video larygnoscope devices like the AirTraq or Vividtrac may allow oral intubation to be performed in limited access and entrapped patient situations. The ETT guide channel that these devices have is an advantage in this setting as Dr DuCanto demonstrates in the simulated entrapped patient video.

– The Fastrach ILMA has also been battled tested in prehospital settings with entrapped patients, with supportive literature published out of France and UK.



6 thoughts on “Intubating the entrapped patient – a simulation model using Vividtrac

  1. Mmmmm….vividtrac and macbook pro….means can use that glorious rtina display to it’s full potential

    Like the small compact size. Have been playing with the KingVision in similar set up – clearly a bit more bulky. However, perhaps Jim should look at the Elgato video capture cables and software (Mac or PC) which allows video capture AND playback.

    Would be kinda cool to share this via iChat or Facetime with people back at base.

  2. I’ve got the Elgato setup–I was being a little lazy in just using one camera in this video. The Elgato hardware/software did not immediately support this device, but perhaps there is a workaround (I was in a hurry to try this device out–you can see what a mess my airway lab was). The iChat software reverses the image left/right–the manufacturer recommends using Quicktime on the Mac. Asking the manufacturer for a solution to transmit the video would be a great idea–something like Skype could do it, as well as provide for on-scene monitoring and recording (you’d need a local wifi network with enough muscle to do the job, unless you worked out a ham radio work-around).

    About that intubation mannequin–it’s my toughest mannequin to intubate–I wasn’t exaggerating.

    I think it makes sense to have at least one of these Vivdtracs in the event you are facing an airway in the presence of entrapment with limited overhead space. The King Vision would not have had enough room to operate.

  3. whose idea is it to require a computer/ipad/iphone/laptop whenever you need to intubate? weirdest idea and I don’t see why any OR/ER would buy it.

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