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First published case report of clinical use of assembled sub $100 Video laryngoscope system


Its been done! The first published case report of the clinical use of a home-made video laryngoscope system, assembled from off the shelf parts ( USB endoscope camera) and a typical Macintosh blade laryngoscope.
Here is the article. Incredible!
Assessment & confirmation of tracheal intubation when capnography fails : novel use of a USB camera

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  1. Gustavo Grünberg #

    Since march 2013 I am using a USB camera adapted to a laringoscope first, and then I designed a low cost laringoscope with a simple system to fix the camera. I presented a case in april in the Congress of Anesthesiology, and then it was published. It´s a good and cheap opcion, but highly effective.

    January 4, 2014
    • thanks Gustavo!
      strong work!
      do you have a link to your published case report/article that you can share here please?
      also I would love to record a podcast with you about your invention if you are interested!
      do you have any pictures of your system you can share please?


      January 4, 2014

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