EZDrugID: International campaign to improve the distinctiveness of medication packaging


“Look-alike Drugs”is a present concern for all the emergency medicine professionals. EZDrugID Campaign address this topic with a petition a survey and suggesting strategies to prevent medication errors.

Go to the website http://ezdrugid.org/EZDrugID/About_EZDrugID.html and sign the petition, take the survey but most importantly introduce in your working place the awareness of “Look-alike drugs” danger for medication errors.

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  1. Minh, this petition really should have been included for the United States. Medication label errors are indeed still a problem here in spite of some minimal attempts to clarify packaging. You’re aware of the big issue a couple years ago with heparin vs. heparin lock vials. This occurs with other meds too. Just my 2 cents. Thanks.

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