Top Tricks for Little Pricks

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One of the things we hope to share on here are those practical tips people use in day to day practice. There was an obvious spot to start.

This is a post about frustration. It’s a post about humility. It’s a post about annoyance and triumph that shouldn’t be treated as a victory.

It’s about cannulation.

Getting a cannula in the patient can be the most mundane, most satisfying or most frustrating part of a day at work for a kids’ anaesthetist. Cannulation is not just useful clinically. It has an excellent habit of keeping any practitioner from getting too far ahead of themselves, just when they are feeling like the supreme clinician.

Anyone who has worked with anyone else has also seen or heard lots of different tips and tricks that individuals have built into their practice over the years. Of course, if there was a single thing that…

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