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SImulation study of abdominal aortic compression for life threatening bleeding!


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  1. Grant Jonsson, MSc, CC-paramedic #

    Doctors…I read the article with interest. I was fascinated with the idea of a “fist in the gut” when first reading about it on the PHARM site recently. So, basically, if there was someone not familiar with the concept on scene then the patient would likely die before EMS arrival.

    If an EMS provider trained to do the procedure just happened to be nearby then there would be a chance the patient might survive, at least until it came time to begin transport to the trauma center (in my service area the transport time would be 30 minutes, give or take a few), at which point the patient would likely die en route.

    How about an improvised (at least for now) device that would replace, or at least supplement, the efforts of the paramedic or EMT? Use a tennis ball, or a baseball/softball, or bowling ball for that matter in place of the “fist” and secure it in place with a SWAT-T tourniquet. If the tourniquet would put too much circumferential pressure on the patient’s abdomen then wrap it around the improvised “fist” AND a backboard. The EMS provider could then apply minimal pressure in the ambulance if any was needed, or use his/her hands to keep the improvised “fist” centered.

    I don’t know. Just trying to think of a way to get that ambulance transport problem solved. Sort of an external REBOA.

    Grant Jonsson, MSc, CC-paramedic

    November 12, 2016
    • These are all improvised temporising techniques so sure it’s possible it might work with a ball and bandage setup but we really don’t know

      November 12, 2016
    • You need one of these Grant Jonsson

      Much easier for the occasionalist to do than REBOA (the latter prob useful for people run over by buses in London or other major cities…irrelevant in rural where availability of trained team, equipment and of course distance will be factors)

      November 12, 2016
      • Thanks mate . It’s something to consider for sure . What else do you have for that situation of someone stabbed in kidney , bleeding to death?

        November 12, 2016
      • Grant Jonsson, MSc, CC-paramedic #

        Tim…I followed the link and watched the presentation by the inventor. I’ve requested further information, especially pricing. Thanks for the lead…Grant Jonsson

        November 13, 2016

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