Nasal lidocaine for migraines : a followup case report

lidocaine tube
Picture 1

(picture attributed to Mitochondrial Eve @BrowOfJustice)

Hi folks! This is a 2nd case report from a reader of the blog who has contributed the following experience after reading the original case report here from Mitochondrial Eve

PLease check and discuss with your treating physician before considering trialling this nasal treatment for migraines. Lidocaine toxicity may occur so its essential for safety to have a calculated safe dosing plan. In my opinion its worth a trial and using a metered dose nasal spray is superior with liquid lidocaine as opposed to the gel. You cant buy this spray off the shelf but it can be prepared with a prescription. Also a specialised nasal nerve block to the sphenopalatine ganglion can give long lasting relief and should be discussed and considered with your treating physician or neurologist.

Case report :

40yo woman
registered nurse

Medical History: hypertension, type 2 diabetes, chronic migraines;

Migraine Headaches:
Started around 18y/o
Triggers: stress, perfume, other strong odors, certain sounds, food: pecans, walnuts, beef jerky, dark chocolate
Aura: light sensitivity, yawning excessively
Symptoms: throbbing, some areas dull/ ache; light/sound/smell sensitivity, n/v,
Frequency: in 2017 averaged 5-6/ month
Medications that do not work: acetaminophen, ibuprofen, treamadol
Some relief: caffeine, ice packs , applying and inhaling peppermint oil, vicks, sleep, imitrex (but w/ side effects like high BP, n/v, burning/ tingling sensation on skin
Current medications for migraine: verapamil, imitrex PRN

The Modified mtDNA LidoSnort Technique:

Lidocaine gel 2%
Long q-tip

Applied small amount of lidocaine to q-tip
Placed q-tip indside right nostril, swabbed the lidocaine, then snorted. Repeated with left nostril.
Laid in supine with head slightly hyperextended for a few minutes
Napped for 35 min Iin left side-lying position
Woke up from nap and did not get up for another 10 min
Got up and resumed light activities
Noticed that headache is not as intense but still with dull sensation
After approx 2-3 hrs – headache completely resolved

Dull headache seem to be coming back before bedtime
Repeated the procedure before bedtime and went to sleep
Woke up after approx 6.5 hrs of sleep with no headache and no nasal congestion
Went to work
No headache and clear nasal passages all day

Has repeated this a second time on another day with similar results

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