#CrazySocks4Docs ‘I think you have depression’

It is brave to admit you need help. It is even braver to share your story on social media. Thank you to the author of this wonderfully honest piece of writing for breaking down the stigma of mental health for doctors. #crazysocks4docs #wellness https://t.co/GCqrwRmeNY — Melanie Rule (@rulesrule1) May 28, 2018

#CrazySocks4Docs Ian’s story

Much talk of senior clinician stories missing in the #MH4Docs space. Here’s mine πŸ‘‡ Oh, and I have my socks ready! #crazysocks4docs https://t.co/ry7dcsbEgq — Ian McPhee (@iGas2) May 29, 2018

#CrazySocks4Docs Poster

#CrazySocks4Docs Here is the poster I’m looking at getting up for my hospitalCrazy and Scary and True pic.twitter.com/10mr6DrDRe — cath francis (@perkieturkey) May 21, 2018