Minh’s Airway Slides

Minh has taken Laryngoscope as a Murder WeaponTM to a new level with his presentation: Doctors with Guns. See his slideset…

Minh’s doctors with guns

and even better, Minh dug up this lecture which deserves highlighting:

4 thoughts on “Minh’s Airway Slides

  1. thanks Chris for reminding us its a team effort!

    By the way I forgot to put in the web reference for the title slide. Here it is.

    Also you might want to check out this

    Click to access Paul_Sharek.pdf

    This is also a very good reference to read , slides numbers 2-6 are related to the doctors with guns analogy but the rest is a well written treatise on patient safety which is the whole point of me writing the latest Airway slideset, as a followup to my Occasional intubator presentation on YouTube here

  2. Great points Minh, I think most ambos would probably fit into the category of the occasional intubator. There was some discussion of the MAS Paramedic RSI trial here in NZ and conclusions made that the cardiac arrests were likely due to the large dosages of fentanyl and midazolam. Intensive Care Paramedic RSI on this side of the ditch uses fentanyl 0.5mg/kg and ketamine 1.5mg/kg for patients who have significant shock.

    Thiopentone is nasty horrid yellow powered drack that should be binned forever and never see the light of day again. Ketamine is the absolute best thing ever, I love it to bits but must disclaim it produces the most bizzare effects I have ever seen. Oh well thats “disassociation” for you!

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