Video intubation with your iPhone or iPad

Hi folks

Since my article on Search for the Sub$100 video laryngoscope, I have received a fair amount of emails from interested parties. VividMedical, the makers of the Vividtrac disposable video laryngoscope featured in the testing video by Master DuCanto, kindly informed me of an exciting development in their product line.

The Vividtrac device is being redesigned with a longer blade and resited guide channel. I am testing it soon and will post another article once I also get Master DuCanto to run his own independent testing.

Also upcoming soon for commercial release is VividWiFi, a wireless adaptor that attaches to the Vividtrac and transmits the video to your iPhone or Ipad via an app.

Why is this relevant or worthy? Consider being able to perform video laryngoscopy with a sub$100 device (final price to be confirmed) that you carry in your pocket along with your iPhone. No lugging around large unwieldy displays or losing them! Could you even Face Time the intubation to another provider?

Check out the video of the device in action below!

9 thoughts on “Video intubation with your iPhone or iPad

  1. We’ve got iPads on our trucks, so if this version of the VL improves upon their previous one it may just win out!

  2. Jim and I will post our testing review of the newer model Vividtrac with longer blade. The company promise to send me a VividWifi for review and as soon as we test it out will let you all know !I am jealous that you have iPads for work on your trucks!

    Ipad + VividWifi = great combo to intubate during CPR without compressions interruption.

  3. Hello, am very interested with the vivid wifi. Is this already available in the market? How does it work? do you need a wifi connection or can this work by Bluetooth?

    1. Hi there! No its not available on market yet. It runs over wifi I believe but I cant see a reason why it wouldnt work with a bluetooth hotspot

      I was in contact with the company 2 yrs ago when they were testing it but never heard from them since.
      Let me recontact them and get an update?


  4. What if i need to anteriorly or right or left control .. does it provides that ?!

    Plz tell me how to contact u i wanna one plzz

    1. Hi. You can rotate and tilt device for anterior, left /right directional control, similar to Airtraq or Pentax AWS.
      the company sells the Vividtrac online at

  5. Is the app and vivid wifi combination available to use with ipad. They cannot be plugged into an ipad directly and several years ago they sneak peeked a solution using an app and vivid wifi? has this been available since?

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