SALT airway testing in dry lab with Master Jim DuCanto

Jim’s back after a holiday!

Interesting disposable airway device intended for prehospital/EMS airway management. Google search revealed prices ranging from around $18 – $26 each.

Dont even have to worry about inflatable cuff occluding carotid arterial flow in swine!

Enjoy the Ducanto Airway lab again!


5 thoughts on “SALT airway testing in dry lab with Master Jim DuCanto

  1. I did use one this morning, and plan to use 2 more today, if possible. Will send you the best of the cases.

  2. The device often has to be withdrawn to align with the larynx during clinical use. This is also suggested in the device’s manual, which advises a technique of blind intubation. I, of course, do not advise blind intubation, unless it is guided by spontaneous ventilation, either through the nose or through some type of oral airway like this.

  3. Hi my name is Angel Torres
    I would like to bring this team to our country in Puerto Rico. Request thousand apology and not speaking much English. I’m in my country and Paramedic Instructor AHA

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