The role of ketamine in acute agitation management : a review of the evidence and personal experience as a retrieval doctor




Show note references:

  1. Ketamine chemical restraint to facilitate rescue of a combative “jumper”
  2. Combative multitrauma patient :a protocol for prehospital management
  3. Ketamine sedation for patients with acute agitation and psychiatric illness requiring aeromedical retrieval
  4. Laryngospasm and hypoxia after intramuscular administration of ketamine to a patient in excited delirium
  5. Emergency department experience with prehospital ketamine : a case series of 13 patients
  6. ACEP 2009 White paper on excited delirium syndrome
  7. Special panel review of excited delirium December 2011
  8. Randomised trial of a N-methyl-D-Aspartate antagonist in treatment resistant depression
  9. Rapid treatment of suicide states in the emergency department
  10. Rapid response of ketamine on suicidal cognition in resistant depression

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