Emergency Trauma Course by Dr Andy Buck and Dr Amit Maini

Amit holding McGrath VL, Andy does not need one!
Amit holding McGrath VL, Andy does not need one!

Hi folks

Exciting new trauma course created by two great blokes Amit Maini and Andy Buck, both emergency physicians based in Melbourne.

You had enough of EMST/ATLS, right? Does it seem all the same every time? Seen the same trauma lectures every time?

Well the EMERGENCY TRAUMA COURSE will be fresh, innovative and educationally novel. Its designed by emergency physicians for emergency physicians.


Course Description (quoted from their website)

ETM: The first ED focused Trauma Course.

Due for launch mid-2013, the ETM Course will bring a fresh approach to the teaching of trauma management in the Emergency Department. Features of the course:

  • Specifically designed to meet the needs of Emergency Medicine practitioners
  • Course content will be delivered via our SharpEM E-Learning Portal, which means the course days will be packed with interactive sessions.
  • Course sessions will include:
    • Simulation
    • Skills Workshops
    • Small group interactive sessions

Incorporating feedback from our Trauma Education Needs Survey conducted mid-2012, modern instructional design techniques and online learning methods we have developed new and innovative teaching and learning modalities, including:

  • Course manual available online (in our E-Learning Portal) and in i-book format, which will allow us to incorporate:
    • Podcasts
    • Videos
    • Links to online resources
    • Web 2.0 Interactivity
  • A strong emphasis on practical skill acquisition, so candidates are taught “how we really manage trauma in the ED”
  • A focus on simulation and hands-on workshops, with minimal lecture content
  • Inclusion of modern ED-centric information, including:
    • Preparing your resus room and ED for a major trauma patient
    • CRM and RRM (Resuscitation Room Management) skills
    • Special Trauma Patient Groups: Paediatric, Obstetric, Geriatric, Obese
    • Special Body Areas: Facial, dental, eye, and neck trauma, large joint dislocations, long bone fractures & occult minor injuries
    • ED Trauma Procedures
    • Medico-legal aspects of trauma
    • Ultrasound: FAST & e-FAST

This course will set a new standard for medical short courses, and will be the definitive trauma course for Emergency Registrars and FACEMs.

They also started a blog and podcast which has some useful stuff. They interview me on trauma airway for Ep 1.

ETMCourse podcast will be available on iTunes soon as well as right here now. Its genuine FOAMEd, free and good.


4 thoughts on “Emergency Trauma Course by Dr Andy Buck and Dr Amit Maini

  1. Exciting. Of course I ‘believe’ in the EMST-ATLS as a foundation…been teaching on it for past few years and now directing courses…BUT the power of FOAMed and a course with evolving content incorporating all the things we discuss in SoMe is bloody brilliant!

    Hats off to you Andy. Of course I reckon this will have something to offer our rural docs too – after all they are first in line for emergency in the bush and ‘critical illness doesnt respect geography’ ….

    I will be trying to get a low tech rural doc masterclass off the ground – of course our brief includes not just EM, but obs, anaes etc ….

    Anyhow, I am so excited for you guys. Gotta get myself along to one of these courses. Where do we sign up?

  2. Nice looking format, well done. Any chance this will be open to nurses and paramedics? These professional groups are not currently catered for in the EMST format.

  3. Thanks for the links Minh, and the big-ups Tim. You can register your interest at our website, http://www.etmcourse.com by going to the Contact page.

    Matt, everyone is welcome on the ETM Course, but if you want to make things as educationally useful as possible, one of the key aspects of curriculum design is tailoring your content to your learners/audience. Our target audience is Emergency Registrars, +/- Emergency Physicians. Having a narrow audience with specific learning needs will hopefully make the learning on our course more effective than the traditional short courses, like ALS, EMST/ATLS, APLS, who appeal to very, very broad audiences (ie interns through to Professors, nurses to paramedics). This may be one of the reasons the studies show a fairly rapid decline in knowledge after participation in courses like ATLS.

    What we’d prefer to do is get this course off the ground, then create new courses designed specifically for rural doctors, nurses, or paramedics, with the same principles, but content and learning objectives tailored specifically for that audience, which will be much more useful.

    And to everyone else, feel free to drop me a line via the website if you want to talk about the ETM Course!


  4. Thanks for the reply Andy. Good Luck with the course, and I’ll be keeping an eye out for the development of your course (or a variant thereof) to different target audiences.

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