Welcome new co-author of PHARM : Dr Yen Chow

Dr Yen Chow , co-author of PHARM
Dr Yen Chow , co-author of PHARM

Hi folks

PHARM has a new co-author. Please make him welcome. Follow him on twitter (@TBayEDguy),Storify and Vimeo!

Co-Author profile
Yen Chow, MD CCFP has been an attending emergency staff physician since 1997 at Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre in Ontario, Canada. He is also a regional medical director for Ornge, the Critical Care Transport and Aeromedical Transport Program of the province. He is also Chair of the Ornge Medical Advisory Committee on Education and has served as past Chair for the Ornge MAC Executive. His interests lie in information technology applied to medicine. His desire is to express his views on Airway management, Resuscitation, Quality processes, Continuing Medical Education and Professional Development as it applies to Prehospital and Retrieval Medicine


4 thoughts on “Welcome new co-author of PHARM : Dr Yen Chow

  1. Welcome Yen! You are one smart and curious individual, and we are going to totally benefit from your contributions!

  2. Thanks so much Jim! This is an incredible honor and privilege for me to be given such an opportunity by Minh with mentoring by him and Scott (EMCrit) and support from everyone in the FOAMed Social Media Community!

  3. Great to get more Canadian representation in PHARM!

    My sympathies to you and the rest of the Ornge family regarding last nights accident.

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. All of our hearts and prayers are for those families and friends in grief and the Ornge staff who continue the necessary minute to minute work 24x7x365.

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