Auckland HEMS – the first two years

Auckland HEMS

This slideshow, assembled by Dr Chris Denny, shows the ARHT & Auckland HEMS team during the first two years of the HEMS initiative. It was presented at a recent strategic planning meeting to plot the future course of the service. The gentleman whose photo is shown at the start is the late Dr Robin Mitchell, a UK-trained emergency physician who was instrumental in laying the groundwork for Auckland HEMS.


(and rest assured no mannequins were harmed in the making of this slideshow… sort of…)

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6 thoughts on “Auckland HEMS – the first two years

  1. Hello from Miami:

    This story has nothing to do with Medicine, but does with “Auckland”. The only connection is that i was an ER doc, and have few medical website, which I will not mention, because you may hate this story.
    Anyways, this guy, or “bloke” as you guys call him, was flying from Los Angeles to Oakland, California.
    He was quite drunk, when he thought he heard “Oakland” on the overhead loudspeakers.

    He boarded the plane, I don’t know how he got past the agents, but you know things happened when drunk, and it was not until he got to customs in Auckland, New Zealand, when they asked him, “Passport, please”, in kind of a funny accent for California.
    The passenger said, “Ya don’t need a passport to fly from Los Angeles to Oakland”
    The agents looked at each other, and said, “This is Auckland, not Oakland, you idiot”.

    Now you see why I did not identify my websites!

  2. Silence; like I told a bad joke, people listen, stare a bit, then continue on their conversation.
    Oh well, will try another poor innocent bloke.
    john bennett md

    1. Hi Cameron:

      Thanks for the feedback, and, yes, let’s get back to medicine, and let’s establish a connection, with Dr Minh Le Cong, also, as I am sure he is seeing this.

      But first another story, you can label it funny, tragic, or you may heave a sigh of relief.

      Dr. Cong, if things had been a bit different, I might be working along side of you, rather than a semi-retired ER doc in Miami, who has nothing better to do than molest people on the internet.
      And, since I am an MD, that gets me into doors to bother people more effectively.
      Back to the story: I was living in Washington DC, working at various ERs around the country, and involved with a very jealous lady, it turns out.
      So, taking the coward’s way out, I figured if I went to another country, like Australia, to practice, that might make our inevitable split easier.
      So, I ran across an ad somewhere about Flying Doctors of Australia. I obtained the application, and did the things I had to do. I had visions of flying in one of the old-fashioned bi-planes with goggles, and my scarf waving somewhat dangerously in the wind. Sort of like Snoopy, from the Peanuts cartoon.
      But, alas, it was not to be. My jealous flame found the application, and threw it out. Thank goodness I had not bought the googles or scarf, but my quest for saving lives in the Outback of Australia was not to be.

      So afer practicing in various unlucky ERs for about 20 years, now I occupy my time on the internet, doing medical websites, and trying to connect with docs in all parts of the world, so I say: “Let’s connect!” You may have other words in your head, like “Get lost!”.

      The website is

      and I put a link to your blog in the ER section. Lots of good ER blogs.

      Let me know if you guy want to connect, or send me some info, maybe about that new App in the Auckland ER, etc.


      john bennett md

      1. Okay, doc, we are connected. send me any news you think other docs of the world might like. You must have some good stories, too, and looks like you fly your own plane.

        john bennett md

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