Delayed Sequence Intubation: A Prospective Observational Study


Congratulations to Scott Weingart and co-authors for publishing an observational study on delayed sequence intubation!

This is truly a great example of innovation, introduced to world via FOAMEd/Social media networks, that has been formally studied and peer reviewed in a publication.

This is the highest quality FOAMEd, in my opinion. When content authors not only produce great FOAMEd, but also produce traditional peer reviewed material.

Kudos to Scott D. Weingart, MD, Seth Trueger, MD, Nelson Wong, MD, Joseph Scofi, MD, Neil Singh, MD, Soren S. Rudolph, MD

Here is the abstract ( ok its not true FOAMEd but hey everything in life isnt totally free!)

Delayed Sequence Intubation: A Prospective Observational Study

I expect to record a podcast with Scott and Seth on their paper!

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