Fiji needs an emergency ventilator and Dräger Australia answers the call!


Back in July this year….


Anne is an emergency physician who used to work in Melbourne, Victoria but in recent years moved to Fiji where she is helping train and mentor future EM doctors in that country. I have known her for a while via the Prehospital and Retrieval community as she used to do aeromedical retrieval in Queensland and Victoria.

I knew the Dräger Australia Applications Specialist who does a lot of training for my service of RFDS Queensland which uses Oxylog 3000+ transport ventilators. So I sent them an email asking about buying a new cable for Anne’s device. It was going to cost $300 or so but I was happy to cover the cost in spirit of helping out a PHARM/EM colleague doing worthy education in a developing nation.


The Dräger staff in the end emailed me back and said they had spare cables and were happy to donate them for free. We started sorting out shipping costs when Drager Head office Australia in Melbourne contacted myself and subsequently Anne and were looking to donate a second hand Oxylog 3000 that had been retired from an Australian hospital.

A few emails later, remarkably Drager had agreed to donate an Oxylog 3000 ventilator and kit to Anne and her Fiji ED!




How did you get that as onboard carry on, Anne??!


And here is the donated Oxylog 3000 at home in Fijian ED
download (2)download (5)

Big credit to amazing altruism and generosity of Dräger Australia and Dr Anne Creaton who is forging Emergency Medicine as a specialty in Fiji! Sometimes help is only a Tweet away!

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